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County Subdivision Draft

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MCPC Staff is currently reviewing and finalizing a new Subdivision Draft Regulations to be submitted before the County Commission later on in August.

There have been several other draft versions of subdivision regulations prepared for the county in 1968, 1978, 1994/1995, 2009/2010 and 2015. Of the ten most populous counties in West Virginia, Mon County is one of only three (Mercer and Cabell are the other two) which does not have any sort of land subdivision controls. Mon County is the only one of those three which is also experiencing high growth (10.6% growth between 2010-2018) versus Mercer (5% decrease of 2010-2018) and Cabell (3.2% decrease of 2010-2018) Counties with decreases.

These subdivision regulations will help with stormwater and infrastructure issues that have been happening within County Jurisdiction. These regulations will not be enforced within the municipal jurisdictions. Please note that of the muncipalities, Morgantown does have its own Subdivision Regulations (Part 13, Chapter 3).