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Application Forms

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Zoning Application

The Monongalia County Planning Office has provided application forms here in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Land Use Permit Application - Level I (PDF) - (Use for Level I reviews of simple site plans: single-family, duplexes, and their accessory structures)

Land Use Permit Application - Level II (PDF) - (Use for Level II reviews of non-residential and multi-family structures not considered to be a development of significant impact.)

Development of Significant Impact Application (PDF) - (Use for Level III reviews of Residential Projects between 12 - 99 units; Commercial between 15,000 - 99,999 sq. ft. gfa; Industrial up to 99,999 sq ft.; and Mixed Use between 15,000 - 99,999 sq. ft. gfa)

Major Development of Significant Impact Application (PDF) - (Use for Level III reviews of Residential Projects over 100 units; and Commercial, Industrial, and Mixed Use over 100,000 sq. ft. gfa)

Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF) - (Use for all Level IV review of uses conditionally permitted within a district.)

Variance Request Application (PDF) - (Use for variance requests (ie height, or setback requirements) in conjunction with a Land Use Permit. Please Note: A variance request CANNOT be used for requests from parcel size requirements when subdividing parcels.)

Fill Application (PDF) - (Use for all fill, grubbing, grading reviews of simple site plans.)

Home Occupation Application - Level I (PDF)

Home Occupation Application - Level II (PDF)

Planned Unit Development Application (PDF) - (Use for pre-planned developments of 10 acres or more for Residential, 15 acres or more for Commercial, and 12.5 acres or more for Mixed-Use developments. Please Note: PUDs require a complete Master Plan outlining ALL development onthe site prior to approval.)

Permit Extension Application (PDF)

Map Amendment Application (PDF)

Text Amendment Application (PDF)

Admin Appeal Application (PDF) - (Use to file appeal with Board of Zoning Appeals.)

Admin Interpretation Application (PDF) - (Use for a determination on uses not listed or defined within the West Run Zoning Ordinance.)

Plat Development Application (PDF) - (Use for subdivision of lots.)

Example Site Plan (PDF)

Example Elevations (PDF)

Floodplain Application

Floodplain Building Permit Application (PDF)

Tower Applications

New Tower Application (PDF)

Tower Co-Location Application (PDF)

We remain committed to providing customer-oriented and easily accessible services and information. We believe that the use of web-based technologies will better fulfill our goal to provide efficiency and effectiveness as well as fairness and equitability.

Feel free to contact our Staff at 304.291.9570 or email with any questions pertaining to applications, review procedures, and permit processes. We also welcome suggestions to improve these services.