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he Canine Center is an animal control facility and an adoption center.
Impound Fees:
  • $10.00 pick-up fee
  • $10.00 each day a dog is here
  • $15.00 invalid rabies vaccination fee

You must provide proof of a current rabies vaccination and current county dog tags. If your pet is not up to date on the rabies vaccination you will be charged the fee. If your pet does not have a current dog tag you must purchase one from the courthouse before your pet can be released.

Adoption Fee: $85.00 
All animals are sterilized before they are put up for adoption and include a 5-way vaccination and a single dose of wormer.

Thank you for considering taking on the responsibility of adopting an animal from the Canine Adoption Center. Your responsibility as a pet owner includes a life-long commitment to providing not only a warm, safe, loving home, but also being finacially able to take care of the expenses of feeding and veterinarian care when necessary.

None of the animals available for adoption have been vet checked or evaluated. This will be your responsibility as a pet owner. It is highly recommended that you visit a verterinarian as soon as possible. There are absolutely no guarantees as to the animal’s health or disposition.

Occasionally, there have been inadvertent outbreaks of Parvo and Distemper. These are common illnesses in animals. Although we take pride in the cleanliness of our facility, you must be aware that the risk does exist.

We appreciate your serious consideration of providing a home for an unwanted animal. We hope you take this responsibility seriously. Neglect and cruelty to animals is an offense punishable by law.

The staff of the Canine Adoption Center hopes that your experience here has been a pleasant one and that if you have made the decision to adopt you are fully aware of our policy.